Living In The Great Lands Of Canada — February 19, 2017

Living In The Great Lands Of Canada

From Manila to Winnipeg then to Calgary:

I was born, and raised until  through High School in The Philippines’s soil,  and never tasted the snow,  until I migrated to Canada during the Mid Autumn of 1992.

I entered the convent to be a full pledge nun, after graduating in Grade 12 during 1988 in the Philippines. But, due to my overwhelming feelings of isolation away from family and friends, I felt so lonely so I decided to quit the nunnery once and for all; & I instead migrated to Canada, and landed in Winnipeg, to where my family lives.

After 9 months of integrating myself within the Canadian Community, I decided to start a family of my own. In short, I met and married a kind and very loving European-Canadian man. Unfortunately, After a very short time of enjoying a happy married life with him, he suddenly passed away, when our only one son was just 5 years old back then.

After I settled my husband’s estate with a designated lawyer, I moved with my son in the middle of the city of Downtown Winnipeg, And decided to enroll in a Computer class, to be more knowledgeable; in order to get the job I preferred. I traveled to Murica, for a work convention in New York, Texas, South Carolina,  (and Las Vegas -with my son),  during the year of 2006.

Eventually, I, and my son moved to Calgary during 2008.

I’m  raising all alone by myself; my son-who is now in college by the way, and also I’m a part time – volunteer  comp. tech. coach by the Calgary Public Library. All I could say is that, Canada, is the best place to live in, work, study and raise a family. 🇨🇦